Most clearances need to be done during traumatic times. 


 Bereavement, moving or divorce for example.


At Steptows we try to help and make it easier for you. 


Our Service can be for the removal of a single item up to clearing everything, including contents of Drawers, Cupboards, Lofts, Cellars, Sheds and Garages, leaving the property clear and tidy.     A cleaning service is also available on request.


We can arrange a visit to see what needs to be done. As every job is assessed on its own merits. (Some we pay for, some we charge for, and some we do for nothing!), we will give you a free no obligation quotation based on your individual requirements.


For your Convenience we are happy to liase with Solicitors, Estate Agents, Friends or Neighbours, either to view or to do the work required.

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